Saturday, March 18, 2006

Random stuff from the past month

OK, so I am a terrible blogger!!!!
But here's what's been going on for the past month.

Tried out for a couple of design teams. Made the finals in one, but didn't win. It was really fun trying out, though, because it challenged me to try new things & I got some pages comleted. It was worth it. I'll probably try out again. Hopefully one of these times, I'll make it.

Been participating in ATC swaps. So fun. Love those little pieces of artwork.

Having a blast with my Collage Journal. No rules. Just art for art's sake. Good or bad, It's inspiring. Gets the brain and hands moving & frees up the creative juices. Lovin' it.

Getting excited about going to CKC. I get to volunteer one of the days, so I look forward to that. Can't wait to meet Elsie F. and Donna Downey.

Madison has become quite the socialite lately. Lots of new friends and these girls get along so well. There's about 12 of them that hang out together. Love that she has so many good friends. But that means lots of parties & get togethers! So fun!

Logan invited Madi & a couple of other girls to go to Libby Lou in Fairview Heights to celebrate Logan's birthday. Madi had never been before. I sent my camera for pictures. What a great place! those girls were hyped!

Judy M. had a "Spa Night" Sleepover for Kaitlynn's birthday party. She had some of us moms come & do manicures, pedicures and makeup and there was a massage table, too. She even had a local hairdresser come & give the girls up-dos. Then they had a fashion show with formal gowns. The girls had a blast. Karaoke was the hit of the party. No shyness in that room!

Callie P's 10th birthday party was last weekend. Stacy planned out a scavenger hunt and sleepover for the girls. Stacy & Judy M. & I were the "adults" of the group. We only had 5 girls, so we all went as one team. Judy hid the clues about town & the girls had to work together to figure them out. Well, there were 8 of us piled in a 7 passenger van - I got to straddle the middle 2 seats - and Stacy threw in some "missions" for the girls to accomplish. One was to walk around the town square backwards, another to do a Chinese firedrill in front of the Chinese restaurant and also to get a signature from a grandparent. Sound simple, right? Most of them were, except the grandparent signature. Nobody was home. We finally went to my mom's house & Madi had to go in alone.... Mum was in the tub!!! But she got the signature!
Then there's the little underwear up the school flagpole incident. I plead the 5th!!!
Can anybody say "bad influence?" tee hee hee! Good thing the principal is good natured and has a sense of humor! Then the girls went back to Callie's for a night of movies, food, karaoke and more fun!

Taylor's social life has been more low key. Just hanging out, talking on the phone (a lot), instant messaging & a few vollyball games. She likes eing a homebody. That's OK, too though. I like having her around.

That's all I can think of right now. Maybe I'll be a better blogger & post more often from now on. I'll work on that!

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  1. blogging is almost like a part-time job, isn't it? ...and i've got two of them!!! am i nuts? i think so... :)