Friday, July 28, 2006

Having Fun...

Elsie inspired me with this post

She is so right.We shouldn't be so concerned with waht other people think. So why is it that we are? Something I've been trying to work on. and it's hard to do. My favorite times & the times I am happiest with myself are the times when I just let go and have fun. Not worrying about what people might think if they see a grown woman busting up laughing while playing hide-and-seek with friends at Sam's Club! LOL! Or pretending to moon friends who are driving next to me on a two lane highway! Or, like Elsie, jumping on the bed with a girlfriend. Or running my underwear with the prinicpal's name on it up the school flagpole during a scavenger hunt with a bunch of 10 year old girls and 2 others my age! tee-hee!!. (yes, Mr. Kreid knows i was involved in it...) I love Letting loose & having a blast. Why is it that I don't do that more often? Why do we hold so much back? For me, it's because I am afraid people will think I am nuts. or immature. or that i will say or do something to offend someone. or that i amy not be considered good enough, or worthy of making friends with. So I recede into myself & don't let anyone in. and i don't let anything out. That's not the real me. The real me hides inside & cowers under the pressure to please everyone else & "behave" like a "good little girl."

I was reading "Brilliant Quotes" and there was one that specifically made sense to me: (Paraphrasing the Brilliant quote) "I need a little insanity soon or I will go mad."
For me, that is so true. I need to let loose or the stresses of life will totally get me down. and i get in such a funk that it takes weeks to come out of it. sometimes longer. and right now, I think I might just go jump on the bed.....

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