Sunday, September 03, 2006

Catching up...

... long time no bloggie!!!

So here's what I've been up to in no particular order....

... Taylor's birthday.
I managed to get a few little gifties to her throughout the day.

A little card with a dove necklace in it first thing in the morning when she came down to breakfast. She must have liked it because she actually had it on when I came downstairs. (She is SUCH a morning person & ALWAYS wakes up before I do.)

I snuck another little note & a mood ring (she loves mood rings) into her lunchbox for her to find at lunchtime at school.

Then, I had a balloon bouquet delivered as soon as we got home from school. Not allowed to have them delivered to school anymore :(

Made her signature requested birthday dinner. Of all things, she chooses hamburger helper cheeseburger flavor. I can cook. Really. I hardly ever make hamburger helper. So I don't know why this is her favorite meal. Seriously. But she loves it.

Then, we went to the Dairy Queen for Ice Cream Cupcakes. Taylor LOVES Dairy Queen cakes.

I think she had a pretty good day. Not as special as I had hoped I could make it, but still good.

We took her and a friend shopping in Fairview Heights on Sunday. Had an awesome time. We got a good laugh because it's the first time we've gone there that I haven't stopped by the scrapbook stores. (That was soooo hard for me!!!) But this trip was all about Taylor. We shopped at TJ MAXX, Old Time Pottery, and of course, the mall!!! Found some cool clothes & room accessories for Taylor & Madi even got a couple of things. We ate at St. Louis Bread Company - Taylor's choice!

Her party wasn't until September 1. We rented the public pool. It was soooo cold!!!! Temperatures around here have been hovering around 78 during the day and high 50's low 60s at night. Totally out of character for Southern Illinois this time of year. We are usually burning up right now. go figure. BUT, the girls had an absolute blast anyway!!!! They played chicken & some kind of game with a ball & giggled a lot!!! And of all things, we had a Dairy Queen Cake. I would have preferred some chili & hot chocolate, myself. LOL! But, in the end, Taylor said her party was awesome!!! I am so glad they had a good time. They didn't let the cold bother them & made the best of it. Yay!!!

...Last Scrapper Standing. My Round 3 layout didn't move me to the next round. But, that was totally Ok with me. I never expected to move past the first round, let alone go to round 3. I accomplished what I had set out to do. To be motivated to get out of the serious slump I had been in. And in the process, my self-esteem was boosted by about a thousand notches. The girls at 2 Peas are amazing. They were so supportive of everyone. And the Dare girls...well for them to even take a second look at my work, let alone honor me with being in the final 89 entrants out of 400...WHOA! I am just overwhelmed. Thanks for the privilege.

...I entered some pages in the State Fair. Mainly so the girls could see thier faces on the wall when we og. They were always telling me I should have entered, so this year I did. I hear through the grapevine that I got some ribbons. But I've not been to the fair yet, so I don't know which pages or what ribbons. I am excited to be going tomorrow so I can find out!!!

...Still trying to house train Sophie. She is doing OK, I guess, but we're still having some accidents. Some days none at all & other days 8 or 9. And we are taking her out often. Ugh!!! She is only 13 weeks old, though, so I know it's gonna happen.
And YES. We are crate training. I'd hate to think how bad it would be if we weren't.

But, she is a wonderful, loveable puppy & I am so happy that we have her. She is a great addition to the family. I can't believe how fast she is growing, though! I can barely pick her up anymore!!!

Here's a pic from the day she came home with us...

and here's one of her just the other day...

...I am adapting to working full time again. My job itself is great. My time away from home, not so much. I just can't seem to get a handle on the preparing dinner plans in advance & keeping the housework caught up through the week things. Throw in soccer practice 2 nights a week (I am an assistant coach for the girls' team) and I am quite exhausted. But I am thankful for the job. It is not high stress & so far, the teachers & staff are quite pleasant to work with. Here's to more good days ahead!

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