Sunday, March 07, 2010

I think I'm in love!

Let me just start by saying I adore junking. Dumpsters and roadside castaways call my name. "I have treasures!!!" or "Take me home!" I love to find a discarded something & imagine what it could become.

So when I heard that Ki Nassauer of Junk Market Style was teaming up with Matthew Mead to create a new magazine called Flea Market Style I just knew I had to have a copy.

So, the waiting began. It would be 2 months before it was to be released. So in the meantime, I stalked the Flea Market Style Blog Oh, the inspiration! I drooled over the deliciousness & counted down the days until the release.

So, the big day finally came & I began my quest to find a copy.
I searched & searched & .....nothing. Sold out.... everywhere. Now mind you, I live in Podunk, USA, so there aren't really a lot of shopping options, but I searched everywhere that I could think of.

I even entered some blog giveaways hoping to be lucky enough to win a copy. I wasn't the lucky winner.

So yesterday, the girls & I went on a shopping trip to the metro St. Louis area. I just knew that I would find one there. I stopped by the B&N only to find that they had JUST sold their last copy that morning. None anywhere else, either.

I came home disheartened. again. I determined to check again today after church at our local B&N just in case they got more in. Nope. Then Wally World. No dice.

Sad & dejected, I returned to the car with nothing in my hands.

The hubs has been such a trooper listening to me whine about not being able to find a copy. So, he took another route home & we stopped at the Wally World in his hometown. Although he had plans to do some treasure hunting of his own (metal detecting), he waited (patiently) in the car with the girls while I ran in real fast to see if maybe by chance they might still have one.

So off to the magazines I marched... determined to search every nook & cranny. None in sight. Ugh! Then, as I peeked behind a copy of In Style, there THEY were!!! Not one, but 5 copies of Flea Market Style!!! WOOT!!!! I refrained from buying all 5 copies & only purchased one. Instead, I moved the wayward magazines to the front, so the next lucky treasure hunter can find their way to them.

Oh, Happy Day!!! I know how I'm gonna spend my evening... Soaking in every little page of goodness these lovely pages hold.

Here's hoping you find your treasure... whatever it may be ;*)

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