Monday, April 10, 2006

CKC Rocked!!!!

I don't think I've caught up on my sleep yet, byt I had an awesomely wonderful time at CKC this past weekend!!
I was a total celebrity stalker & got to meet Elsie (she is so sweet!!!)
and the fabulous Donna Downey, too! Talked with her more than once! I even won one of her books at the Friday night crop! And she was the one who drew my name. How awesome is that?!?
Volunteered For CK Friday afternoon. Worked in the Door Prize booth. I enjoyed it. Next time I hope I get to be a teacher's aide. That would be so fun, too!
Worked in the Dollar Scrapbooking booth on Saturday. Whew! That place was hoppin' the entire time!
Didn't leave myself near enough time for shopping & make & takes. I'll know how to better schedule my time next go 'round.
I think my absolute favorite thing was the 2 Peas Pubster Dinner Saturday night. We went to Ruby Tuesday's & Mary Jo had gotten so many donations for goody bags it was unbelievable! I sat by Tammy T. and Julia and Jen. these ladies are awesome! I only wish I had gotten to talk with more of the ladies there. Thanks, Mary Jo for arranging the dinner. You're the best!
So happy I went.

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