Thursday, May 18, 2006

Have you heard...

Tyrone Wells? He's got to be one of the most awesome singer/songwriters who hasn't been totally discovered yet. Amazingly blended pop/soul/rock sound! Trust me... he WILL be famous one day SOON! Tyrone is totally down-to-earth and real, both in his music and in his life. He has opened for the likes of Audio Adrenaline and Jars of Clay and his music has been featured on Number3s, One Tree Hill and Wildfire as well as numerous other shows.

How did I discover him? You might ask. It seems the folks at MacAddict have discovered the beautiful sound that is Tyrone & featured him on two of their discs. May 2005 and November 05. I just stuck the November disc in my Mac this morning & Bam! Super Awesome song coming through my speakers! I was an instant fan! Had to Google and find out more about him. Let me tell you. If you enjoy a soulful, smooth voice backed by a band just as awesome as the singer, you gotta check out Tyrone Wells.

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