Thursday, June 01, 2006

Laptop Heaven

Bought Terry a laptop forhis birthday/Father's Day. He's been wishing for one for about four years now. Last week I found a used Pismo on eBay & managed to win the auction without going overboard. After much anticipation, Fed-Ex finaly delivered it last evening.
This thing is wonderful! Yep! I'm using it to post this. Why wouldn't I? First, Terry is at work, so it's mine ALL DAY!!!! Second, although I love my iMac G5 with the 17" screen, I can't lounge with my feet up and use the iMac. (Sorry iMac. I still love you. But you may not see me for awhile.)
This baby is equipped with an Airport Card for wireless networking, which is awesome!!! Love it! And although it's only a G3, there's really not a significant decrease in speed over my G5. I'm thinking I should've found a way to get this a long time ago! I think I'm in Heaven. Yes, I know. It wasn't supposed to make ME this happy. It was to make HIM happy. Double-Joy!! It's just gonna be hard to give it up when he comes home from work. He may have to wrestle it away from me. tee-hee!

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