Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My new baby...

Totally can't believe I didn't post before. I got a brand spankin' new Canon S2 IS for Mother's Day. Yeah, I know. I had my heart set on a Digital Rebel XT, but I just couldn't justify spending the money (see previous post about DH's laptop). I did LOTS of research & found that I could get awesome shots with the S2. I can't change the lenses, but this baby has 12x zoom! I can hone in on a license plate 4 blocks away & it's crystal clear.
Oh, and this darlin' has awesome video capabilities, too! Great for me since my video camera gave up the ghost like 2 weeks before I bought the S2.
I'm still trying to figure out all the bells and whistles, but so far I'm lovin' it!

1 comment:

  1. lol...wish my mom could be more tech savvy likeya..lol...i gave her a sony DVD handy cam since she like travelling a lot, 2 weeks and she dumped it for her old film based Nikon...lol