Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Working on....

... Ali Edwards A Week In The Life Album. This was a class that she taught at CKU in the past. Ali shared the plan for the album on her blog a couple of weeks ago, and I fully intended to begin the project right along with her.
Life, being the whirlwind that it is at times, kept me from doing the project until this week.

Let me just say that it is definately a challenge for me to remember to photograph the mundane things we do everyday. I haven't managed - even once, to remember to take pics at breakfast time or even while getting ready for school/work. Seems I forget to take my camera with me when I leave the house. But... I will not give up. I have taken LOTS of photos after work and in the evenings. I will just have to make do with those.

I have placed my camera strategically at my place at the kitchen table in hopes that I will not look at it and say "What is this doing here?" and then promptly put it back in its case only to remember after fully awakening and regaining my metal faculties that I was supposed to actually use the darn thing! Yup! I would do that. Let's just say that mornings aren't my thing and leave it at that, ok.

So anyway, here are a couple of photos that I managed to take so far this week.

Not too bad, I'd say. And yes, this is only part of them. I will post the album when it is finished.
This is the first scrappy-type project I've done in a long while. I've made a couple of cards, but that's it. Now that I am getting my studio in order, perhaps I will be more inspired to make stuff. I have found it kind of hard to create when surrounded by mess.

Feel free to join in and make your own album! Ali has lots of inspiration over on her blog. No time for a whole week? Then do just one day. It will still be an awesome project. I just know I'm gonna love mine when it's done.


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