Monday, December 31, 2007

GPP Crusade #15... the last possible moment. As usual. Hey, I work better under pressure, ya know?

So, this month's crusade was a simple one. Tell where you are from.

For me, it's good 'ol Southern Illinois. Smack dab in the middle of Nowhereville. At first glance, anyway.

I'm only a couple of hours from St. Louis. Yes, I have seen the Arch. Lots of times. It really is fantastic. I remember getting so excited as a child coming ver the bridge & seeing the grand silver work of art coming in over the skyline.

The other way, it is just a couple of hours to the Ohio River. Beauty. Sheer beauty.

And while I take the local scenery for granted, they say it is some of the most beautfiful in the country. I could maybe believe that...sometimes. Like when we take a daytrip down south to the Bald Knob Cross. Nothing like it. Seriously.

And who can talk about Southern Illinois without mentioning the World's Largest Ketchup Bottle??? When traveling to visit family, this always meant we were "almost there."

So, while my little hometown doesn't have much to offer, there is much more to this part of the world than first meets the eye.

Happy New Year!!!


  1. Tautchia - glad you got in with your Where in the World post. Looks like beautiful land where you that cross way off on the hilltop. And that ketchup bottle reminds me of landmarks we would come across on road trips. There's a Paul Bunyan figure in Minnesota....oh, and the Jolly Green Giant too.

  2. Tautchia, looks like a beautiful place to live where you are. True though how we take our surroundings for granted.

  3. The pictures are just beautiful. That sunset is gorgeous. There are so many beautiful places in the world.

  4. Driven through your neck of the woods a few times and it is beautiful. Think I have a photo of the world's largest ketchup (catsup?) bottle.

    The mist on the Ohio is cool. I love the Mississippi, too.

    Happy New Year to you and sometimes nowhere is better than somewhere.

  5. Gorgeous photos of your part of the world. It is wonderful to make your original place your own, as an adult, when you may go anywhere else in the world. It must be very special. Thanks for sharing! jodi barone

  6. That bridge is a stunner - it must be very impressive in real life. I think bridges are amazing structures. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. Greetings fellow flatlander. Your post could have been parents live in St. Louis. I am in the NW chicago suburbs and travel to St. Louis often...where is this ketchup bottle? It is hilarious!!!

  8. Your photos are beautiful! I'm all the way over on the west coast, Oregon!

  9. No WAY! The big katsup bottle near Belleville. My hubby's family is from there. They have the reunion there every year. Know anyone named Gass?