Wednesday, August 09, 2006

happy birthday to me...

... yep. today's the day I turn 35. am i doing anything to celebrate. nope. instead i have been cleaning my house so the realtor can show it this evening. i think we're all gonna go to the fairgrounds with the puppy during the showing. Terry left me a chocolate chip cookie with a candle in it on the kitchen table this morning. so very adorable. the girls both made cards for me. love them. mom left a big package on my porch this morning. Mary Engelbriet coffee mug, ME cherry dessert plates and some Lotion from Victoria's Secret. yummy.

i really need to be working on my entry for the effer contest. gotta find the mojo i had last night. i should have just stayed up and finished it then. today i am blah and worn out from straightening this house. and it wasn't even that messy. wish i had some mountain dew. that always gives me a kick in the pants.

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