Monday, August 21, 2006


... my new job at the school is going better than expected. i get to come home for lunch and let Sophie out.

... still wish i could be home scrapping, though. but that just doesn't pay well. (read not at all)

... trying to figure out what i'm gonna do to make Taylor's birthday special. It's this Wednesday. and she'll be 13!!! I have totally dropped the ball on this one. I had BIG plans & was not able to make any of it work out. so now I am scrambling to try to put something together. Turning 13 is a big deal & I feel like a total failure as a Mom right now for not having anything special going on. If just thinking about something & planning it out were enough, I'd be set. But, alas, no. One must actually take steps to DO something for it to be accomplished. I KNOW that. so why do I always end up in this spot? Rushing around like a big dope without a clue and no way or no time to do it. ugh. seriously.

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