Friday, August 18, 2006

Moving on.....

Yippee!!!! Going on to Round 3 of Last Scrapper Standing!!! (insert whooping & hollering & jumping & dancing here) OMGoodness!! I am totally freaking out here, people. seriously. I sincerely did not feel worthy this week. Nothing super special. Just me doing a page because it suited me. I loved it. My daughter loved it. That was all that mattered. I did not hold any hopes of being chosen to compete in the next round.

But , wow. The Dare girls must have thought it was good. I am still standing. Totally wow. Thank you girlies!! You have no idea how much my self esteem has been boosted. I am in debt to you. for real.

The next dare is circles. everything circles. hmmm... off to go jot down some ideas.

1 comment:

  1. Huge congratulations, Tautchia!!!
    I saw your name on the list and was so happy for you! :)
    Good luck on the next round!