Monday, June 11, 2007

Dreaming of an Art Party....

... Lately I've been fantasizing about holding some sort of an art party. It seems my inner critic is trying to run rampant on the idea giving me all kinds of reasons why it wouldn't work. So I am listing the criticisms & my responses to them...

C: I don't even know where to begin. How does one even go about such a thing?
Me: Ask for advice from others who have put something like this together.

C: I am not qualified to teach anyone art. I am still learning myself.
Me: Perhaps I can still encourage others to create even if I have limited experience and knowledge. Or perhaps I don't give myself enough credit & what I do know would be helpful to someone else.

C: I don't know enough "arty people" to invite. I seriously only know 2 other people in my town who might even remotely be interested. I don't have any arty friends. Stamping friends, but not arty friends.
Me: I could possible put out a "feeler" type brochure or flyer around town and see how many people might be interested.

C: I have nowhere to host such a thing and no budget to rent anywhere.
Me: Who knows, the place might open up if I put myself out there & just go for it. Gotta have faith, baby!!!

My ideal would be to form an art group that would meet either monthly or quarterly and possible have different members of the group take turns sharing techniques and ideas at each get together. But I want to include newbies, too. Or maybe I should just start an art journal group and we could get together to work on our journals together.

So, if anyone has any bits of advice or encouragement for me, please leave a comment. I would totally be going out on a limb here with this thing, but it has been in theback of my mind for a long time. I have been telling myself it is just a pipe dream and no one would come anyway. I've finally decided that it is time to stop that horrible way of thinking & take chances.


  1. Hi sweetie

    Thank you for your awesome comment on my blog... I'm really happy to be on your list.. ;)

    BTW: My quote is Follow your DREAMS and that's exactly what you have to do... Go for it... Once you are on your way THE DOORS WILL OPEN TO YOU... You might not KNOW enough people BUT I bet that there are a lot who ARE LIVING CLOSE TO YOU... So, Get planning ;)


  2. For the past year I've been wanting an art party. Just small. Maybe 6 people to bring arty things & fun stuff they've been working on, and if anyone is interested they could have fun making an ATC (even if they haven't before).

    Ulterior motives:
    1)some people to talk to live & face to face
    2)local ATC trade possibilities
    3) we can have tea and cookies or wine and cheese and maybe some would even like sushi!

  3. I'd come to your art party if I were nearby visiting St Louis!!

    I used to host a "craft night" in my studio, a group of various artists would get together and work on projects, learning each other's skills. It was fun, but everyone is so busy, it was hard to make a regular thing and kind of fell off in attendance. Too bad, it was fun while it lasted. All my friends have small kids, that made it harder to get together.

    Speaking of kids, congratulations on your daughter's pagent!! Such a pretty girl.