Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday's Finds...

... Oh, what fun I had today!

Madi and I were headed out to the mall to find a pair of clip-on earrings for her pageant tomorrow when we decided to take a detour to a moving sale. I just happened to remember that I had seen an older gentleman putting up signs last evening.

Anyhoo... I found LOTS of treasures for almost nothing!

First, a box of material for $3 including some nice vintage pieces! Then, old books. 10¢ each. I nearly fell over with glee!! A late 1890s German book, 5 volumes of a series from 1907 with wonderful embossing on the covers (see close-up), 3 of the same book on the life of Napoleon somebody, and the most wonderful and huge antique book (20 volumes in one, accoring to the title)on health and anatomy complete with full color fold-out of the head, lungs and body - I did close ups of a couple of them - and it was only 75¢! No cover, but with these kinds of treasures on the pages, who cares?!

Next, there were the mini little treasures I found scattered around with no prices on them. a couple of vintage boxes of staples in excellent condition (I just love vintage packaging!), An old Anacin tin filled with sewing notions, hook & eyes, snaps, etc., A doll made of tiny spools, a little skater figurine, an old metal button and a mini little Bible scripture book measureing about 1" by 1.5" that I though would be wonderful for altering along with a small bottle of Claire Burke Original home fragrance spray and a nearly new bottle of Aveno face lotion (which is a tad pricey at the store) All for 10¢. Not each. ALL of it for only 10¢ Seriously! How cool is that!?!

Then, Madi found a cool old bottle filled with green mints and an old Chinese Ginseng box complete with little vials inside. Yep, you guessed it, 10¢ each!

And finally, after we paid for all that, Madi spied a couple of old manual typewriters, the kind in their own suitcase. At only $5 including 2 brand new replacement ribbons, I took one of those as well!!!

Excellent sale, I must say!

Then, we were off to the mall. Madi found a piece of paper in the car and played with the typewriter the entire way there. She thinks it is the most fun toy ever! Hate to tell her, that baby will get some use from me as well! It'll be great to type on labels for artwork!

After finding earrings, we had to stop at Wally World for a coule of things then headed over to B&N to peruse the art books and the latest Somerset. Love that mag. Don't know why I don't just buy myself a subscription!!
On the way home, I decided to stop by the Thrift Shop. There, I found some vintage sheet music - all for $2. A roll of heavy weight vintage wallpaper that has fabric strands embeded in it(hard to explain). Can anyone say journal covers? Or collage texture! Yay!!! A huge cork board to make into an inspiration board to hang in my creative space for only 1.99 and a few magazines for 10¢ each as well as a couple of copies of National Geographic for 25¢ each so I can try making turpentine paper. I also found a Brand new tote from the Company Store for $1 and a couple of vintage sewing patterns for 25¢ each. And last, but not least, an old Book of Remembrances album for $2. This thing is super heavy duty and will be fabulous for creating a colage book. I'm guessing it will hold about 20 or so pages full embellished.

I just love junking days when I find lots of fun treasures! So fun, indeed!


  1. Fab finds - enough to make any scrappy artista turn emerald green!
    Do you want me to send ya a set of my "love is a place" atcs? If ya do send me your mailing addy, okay?

  2. Very cool stuff! Love old, antique-y looking stuff. Great finds!