Wednesday, June 13, 2007

OK, It's Official....

... I have Vintage Wallpaper Envy! Seriously! I am seeing so many beautiful things made using gorgeous wallpapers.
Just take a look at some of the lovelies I have found...
Tammy Gilley's Tag Swap Goodness

Charlotte Lyons' Mother's Day Frame

Jennifer Paginelli's favorite things

Memmu's Lonely Bird ATC

Jenny's Tag for Rosanna

And there are sooo many more that I could add. I've seen some fabulous creations on blogs, too! Just click around on the many links over at the side & be inspired! So much eye candy!!!

And to think, I didn't save any of the scraps when we tore the stuff off all the walls in this huge house 5-10 years ago. I could kick myself right in the shinbone!

I had found a couple of rolls in the attic when we were putting in insulation a couple of years ago. I saved them, but they were quite dry-rotted on the outside, but I just knew I could find something salvagable inside. I pulled them down a couple of months ago with the intention of trying to save some of it. Apparently my husband didn't think they were worth saving, though, because when I went to look for them a week or 2 later, all I found were crumbs in the spot where I'd put them. He won't admit to having thrown them away. He just gave me this shrewd little grin & said, gee, honey, I haven't seen them. Now, I know he disposed of them, 'cuz he does that kind of thing often. grrrr! I must find a better hiding sopt for my treasures. Trust me, he's NOT going to live this one down. I've been chiding him about it every chance I get. I figure that if I give him enough grief about it, perhaps he will think twice next time he thinks of getting rid of my treasures! Maybe.

Anyway, the more wonderful little gems I see made with vintage wallpaper, the more worked up I become about it. I simply must have some. But I'll have to wait until fall when school is back in session & I am working again. It really stinks that we aides don't get paid through the summer. Makes it really hard to buy things...err, I mean budget.

So, in the meantime, I will live vicariously through those who are creating beautiful art with it and sharing online. And I will probably be green with envy. But please, don't hold it against me, OK?

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  1. Oh my gosh, I completely know what you mean about the vintage wallpaper! It's turned into a frenzy! I am loving all the wonderful works and ideas people are coming up with too. I recently did some cabinet cards utilizing tiny-tiny bits of vintage wallpaper... but I haven't done any huge projects incorporating the paper YET! I'm so inspiried. Thanks for sharing these great flickr links!!

    Venice, CA